The Love Bank

Did you listen to this podcast? If not, go listen, it’s a good one. Kevin and I love analogies and catch phrases. We latched on to the Love Bank concept quickly. However, one thing I failed to discuss was filling your own love bank. It’s actually more valuable to learn to fill your own bank than it is your spouses. The reason this is so important is we can never escape ourselves. We give ourselves deposits by doing things we enjoy, talking nicely to ourselves, taking care of ourselves. The list could go on and on. We take withdrawals out by doing the opposite. If we are putting deposits in our bank it will be so much easier to give deposits to others and harder to withdraw. 

I have a great example of the “Love Bank”. I saw on Facebook my cousin was selling 4 tickets to the Jazz playoff game. I knew Kevin would love to go and I love to spend time with Kevin. So I bought the tickets. We went and had so much fun. We played a game during the game – for every dunk we would give a high five (there was 1) for every 3 point shot that went in we would kiss (there were 17). The Jazz won, and we won too?

It takes a little effort to make you and your spouses love bank overflow but it’s so much fun❤️ If you want some coaching on how to improve yourself or your marriage- 

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