The Importance of Date Nights

Kevin and I have been discussing what makes a good date night and what makes a bad date night.

These are our thoughts.

Great date night:
* It’s planned
* It’s not an errand
* It’s fun and entertaining
* Talking about hopes, dreams, hobbies, interests
* Connecting
Ideas: picnic in a park, biking, yoga, a play or concert, sporting event, restaurant, skiing

Kevins favorite date we have gone on recently was a picnic in a random park very close to the freeway.
Jennifer’s favorite date is going to Saturday morning breakfast and Yoga and walking on any beach

Bad date night:
* running errands and calling it a date
* Talking problems and kids the entire time
* Nagging and getting in a fight
* On your phones
* Going to the same place over and over again- being in a rut
* No creativity

Kevin’s worst date to go on: Costco and Costa Vida
Jennifer’s worst date is when Kevin’s in a critical MOOD!

We would love you hear your best date night ideas and your worst date nights.

Cheers to love and lots of fun❤️

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