I am thankful for so many things- of course the obvious things like my husband, my children, my family, a home, food to eat, clothes to wear, the gospel of Jesus Christ, medicine, a healthy body etc. These are the normal things we probably take for granted sometimes.

I always like to think about the not so obvious things that I am grateful for. I lived in China for a summer in 1994 and I became VERY grateful for “normal” toilets and toilet paper. My mom even mailed me several rolls of American toilet paper while I was there- It cost a small fortune to send that to me but I was very, very grateful.

I am grateful every day for all the amazing people that are willing to help our family out with cleaning, tutoring, teaching, yard work, handyman stuff etc…

At the beginning of the pandemic- back in March 2020 our family decided we would spend our two weeks of quarantine in sunny Galveston, TX instead of freezing in Utah. It turned out to be an amazing idea because 2 weeks turned into 2 months. A lot longer than we planned. While my kids did online school and my husband worked I found myself with not a lot to do. I was lost!

One thing that really helped me get through this really strange time in my life were MEMES. So today I am super grateful for all the people that create, think of and post memes. They literally kept me laughing and my thoughts positive when I could of easily curled up in the fetal position and driven myself crazy.

To this day I love a good MEME- in honor of Thanksgiving this is the meme I sent my husband – he cooks the turkey at our house!

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