Heal your heart one new thought at a time

I'm Jennifer, a Certified Life Coach who helps LDS women create deeply satisfying relationships with their spouses, families, and themselves. I specialize in helping women who have experienced the devastating betrayal of an unfaithful spouse. I'm here to reassure you that your relationships can actually become stronger and better than before. It IS possible to have deep connection and emotional intimacy after infidelity-I can show you how. 


a little about me and how i can help you

Hello, friends! Welcome to your marriage oasis on the web. I’m Jennifer, and I help women create the marriage they've always dreamed of. Whether you are experiencing lack of connection, infidelity, arguments, or dissatisfaction in your marriage,
I'VE GOT YOU! I've walked in your shoes and can help you. 
I had a life most people dream of, and quite honestly it looked a lot like the life I dreamed of as a young girl.  Husband, kids, vacations, beautiful home, etc. However, on the inside I was unfulfilled and miserable.
My marriage was a C- at best. I avoided having any deep conversations with my husband because it would usually end in a fight or I was left feeling worthless. I was an expert in saying and acting like I was fine. I am actually a recovering "I’m fine"-er (Yes, I made that up.) However, inside my soul, I was definitely not fine. 
If you are like me, you dreamed about your life and what that would look like as a young girl.  Go to college, meet and marry Mr. Wonderful in the temple for eternity, have kids, be a stay-at-home mom, buy a house, go on family vacations, and live happily ever after.  That was your dream but your reality looks much different.
If your spouse has been unfaithful, you might be feeling devastated, angry, sad, betrayed.  It's a lot.  It's OK,
I've got you!  You can recover from this and create the marriage you want.  I can show you how.
You thought affairs only happened to other people. Please know, your husband's infidelity
It's not your fault.  He may have blamed the affair on you. Don't believe him.
Your mind might be racing and going into overdrive. Replaying every conversation, obsessing over what you missed, and beating yourself up:" How did I not know?!"  STOP! It will be OK. You can get through this and I can teach you how. You aren't alone. As we work together, you will know if you want to stay in your marriage or leave or create the marriage you want from a place of love and empowerment.
Take the first step in your healing and reach out and schedule a FREE consultation.  I will give you the tools you need so you can reclaim your power. You're worth it.

"Jen is an AMAZING life coach! She is life- changing! I encourage anyone struggling with any aspect of their life to contact Jen and get to understand what life coaching is all about! Thank you, Jen, for helping me through some very rough times. You are the best!"

-Nancy N.


"I just wanted to tell you that I have listened to a handful of your podcast episodes and I think it is awesome that you have decided to give first-hand experience on what you have learned.  I realized I am not doing what I need to do as a husband and I have a lot to change... So thank you"

- Brett H.


"Jennifer helped me through a difficult time a few months ago. I have been to therapists throughout my life, but coaching with Jen, was so much different and so helpful.  She really pulled me through a slump by changing my reoccuring negative thoughts. Coaching really works and Jennifer is the best!" 

-Kira G.